What if CSR was a resilience tool?

Resilience is more and more relevant nowadays as our todays´ challenges face us to many uncertainties. The ongoing pandemic reminds us how it is important to be adaptable. That is why resilience can play a great role in the process of change. Indeed, to be resilient is the capacity for individual to recover quickly from bad experiences and become stronger.

Once, a little boy lost his mother, his father, and siblings during the World War II. He was 6 years when he was rescued by a foster family after all his family was sent to Auschwitz.

Against all odds, this little boy grew up and has become interested by this subject and developed the Psychological resilience theory.Boris Cyrulnik is a French doctor, ethologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist. He overcomes his trauma by studying Psychiatry.   

Recovering from a personal trauma is possible as well from a collective one. In our societies many companies face economic difficulties. What if they find their resilience through CSR? It is about creating value from the economic, social and environmental adversities. Like expressed by Michael Porter, corporate social responsibility can be a means of performance. Thus, these difficulties offer to companies to rethink their business model and exploit the opportunities given in such circumstances. It permits to explore other ways to manage an organisation and all levels of stakeholder’s flexibility like for example the significance of online meetings.

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