What do you see from your window? #StayAtHome

At times like this we take comfort in the simpler things.

Social media often has a bad reputation as it encourages us to disconnect from reality and enter a world of criticism, shaming and fakery. But in these COVID-19 days, weeks and now even months, social media has had its moment to shine. Staying connected has never been more important and with social distancing rules staying put we need a place to connect and reach our family, friends and even people we barely even know.

I was recently invited to a page called What do you see from your window? #StayAtHome. I’m always a little hesitate to join pages like this as it clogs up my Facebook feed and Im forever scrolling until a reach something I actually want to see but something made me click accept and i’, so glad I did!

The message of #StayAtHome is very important. To see all of us, from everywhere, uniting together for this cause is amazing.

We’re a great group of people connecting from 143 countries. Call your friends to upload the view from their windows. Let’s spread the message everywhere, and still #StayAtHome.

What do you see from your window?

The idea in itself, it very simple. Take a photo from what you see outside your own window? But it clearly has become more than that. The page is buzzing with a sense of community and togetherness. Some post photos of freshly baked bread, birthdays, a simple cup of tea, their back garden or the wildlife that makes it way to their window. It shows the moments in our life we usually take for granted and even the moments we sometimes miss.

Here’s a few of my favourites;

Why not join us in this busy online community and ask yourself this?

What do you see from your window?


With lots of love, keep safe, take care, and #StayAtHome ❤️

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