May there be a new normality?

Authored by Paola Campassi (Pro Natura Torino), Translated by Maria Giulia Rosini

The Covid 19 pandemic cannot be considered only a painful digression in our existence and in that of the world. It forced us to reflect on the need to change our lifestyle and socio-economic system that the West World built to the detriment of the natural environment and to the detriment of the rights of other populations and human beings.

Luckily, there are some alternatives: the movements for peace, social justice and for the environment have been talking about this theme for ages, but even if some progresses have been done, there are still too many contradictions between political statements – and the agreements between Countries during the Summits – and the actions taken, or rather, not taken.

The increased awareness due to ongoing pandemic can and must be the opportunity to re-launch these alternatives, in order to pass from the exploitation of relationships – among humans and with nature – to the care of them. We have to abandon industrial logistics of intensive cultivation and breeding in the production of food. We have to support small-scale producers, encourage short and local chains. In the organization of work, we have to increase personal services rather than production of goods. Regarding our consumption, we have to reduce waste and superfluous.

It is necessary to safeguard biodiversity and take a decisive turning point toward renewable and sustainable energy sources.

There is no lack of examples of good practices, as also proved by the tools analyzed by Breakthrough for Resilience project.

However, a greater vision and attention to future generations are needed. A well-managed Green New Deal could also be able to correct a lot of social and economical inequities, by finally setting the stage for a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Will we be able to take the responsibility of realizing this change?

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