“Why not change their lives…the earth is touched, ready for change!”

Written by Vanessa MT

Do we sometimes think about what we want to achieve in our life? Why do we choose a certain path? Maybe we are so happy in our current place, but for many people it is good to give oneself the opportunity to launch a new project or make some changes and improve the quality of life … Many questions arise in our minds … New periods in the world, everyone can say that they feel more or less affected by this virus, each person thinks in their own way and creates an idea about this problem.

Why not change their lives or launch a new project. The earth is touched, ready for change.

The magical idea of mixing human and nature, minimalism, eco-life and responsibility and sustainable projects with our planet, or just live in a freer way. Endless opportunities can arise in our spirit and we can take advantage to have good changes in our lives. The busiest cities take more and more place in the word, we work, we live, and we don’t go out of this comfort zones. If you distance yourself a little, you can find something that you didn’t  search. A new adventure? Some new people? A new experience? Launch a sustainable project? Why not a new life?

We have a vast expanse of land with many new projects and few people waiting for us … These lands are the unknown and afraid depopulated areas. 

Maybe in this period we need more space for each one and more time to be with ourselves, always the change take quite time.

We proposed you to start to list the things you love and what you done in your life. You have some dreams? Run for your live as quickly as possible and go realise your dreams! Time runs so quickly, and we mustn’t waste our time.  We continue one easy or comfortable way maybe it’s your way but if is not, do what you need. “Never give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration nothing can go wrong”, citation by Ella Fitzgerald.

Europe faces increasingly differentiated demographic challenges territorially. Aging and depopulation will cause change in many regions, including rural and peripheral regions, and will have serious impacts on social and territorial cohesion, the provision of public services, the labour market and housing. Back to roots is a project to encourage people who want to develop a project in these areas. Migration constitutes specific challenges and opportunities, including the past economic crisis, now the corona virus crisis could provide an opportunity for a transition towards more sustainable and resource efficient economic structures if appropriate measures are taken. If you have one good idea to create your project you must be conscient to back root existence! You can find a lot of support web sites to share your ideas with the people who did some project in depopulated areas, you can share the progress of yours projects. In fact, the partner has started a considerable wide network to link together realities experiencing similar issues to cooperate and support each other, having a clear idea of communities’ needs and creating sustainable activities for the entire area. We can spread the same concept in different countries. The challenges present in such context are multilevel and touch different social and economic aspects, but also political and environmental, with the risk to leave entire areas of Europe completely abandoned. It’s a good way too to find inspiration if you haven’t got your own idea you can join one eco-social village or work in one project to help his achievement and to understand what the day is like…

If you are a dynamic person, dare and take the step towards a better life that respects your way of thinking and being. Take the step, many people, one new business, your family and the nature are waiting for you! See you soon!

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